Certified Stroke Care

Certified Stroke Care in Beaumont

Fast Care When It Matters Most

In Southeast Texas, Baptist Hospital in Beaumont is certified as an Primary Stroke Care Center by the CIHQ (Centers for Improvement in Health Care Quality). This certification is important to you and your family because it ensures that when time is of the essence, we have the tools to provide the best chance for survival.

Baptist Beaumont Hospital has earned certification from CIHQ which accredits health care organizations. This certification recognizes healthcare centers that make exceptional efforts to foster better outcomes for stroke patients. Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas are recognized for specializing in a more in-depth, higher level of care.

24-Hour ED Neurological Care

Whenever the Baptist Hospital Emergency Department is notified concerning the arrival of a possible stroke patient, we quickly assemble a team of specialized personnel. Our stroke team is on call 24 hours a day to provide rapid evaluation and treatment, including the latest in clot-dissolving drugs to assure every patient receives the best treatment available in the shortest amount of time.


Using telemedicine technology – including robotics – members of the Baptist Beaumont Hospital stroke team are able to consult in “real time” with the stroke team, including specially trained UT Health Sciences Stroke Neurologists at University of Texas in Houston. With telemedicine, these specialists can share their expertise in diagnosing and treating stroke patient within the critical three-hour treatment window. Learn how a patient was helped through Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas telemedicine technology by clicking here.