Arctic Sun

Arctic Sun Therapeutic Temperature Management Device

Introducing Advanced Technology at Baptist Hospital in Beaumont

During cardiac arrest, the heart stops beating due to any number of possible reasons. When blood is unable to flow to the body and organs as a result, it can cause permanent damage due to a lack of oxygen. The goal of cardiac arrest response teams is to first restart the heart and then mitigate all internal damage. One way to reduce harm to organs is to induce therapeutic hypothermia.

While physicians are not completely sure why hypothermia can help reduce long-term damage, one possibility is that organs in hypothermic shock need less blood flow for a brief period. By operating at a lower output, they can preserve their health and avoid permanent damage.

A New Way to Induce Therapeutic Hypothermia

Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas is proud to introduce our use of Medivance’s Arctic Sun cooling technology. This new treatment option provides our cardiac arrest response teams with the ability to quickly induce hypothermia and minimize further damage to the body. Unlike traditional catheter-based cooling methods in use at some hospitals, Arctic Sun cooling does not subject patients to the unnecessary risks of deep vein thrombosis (blood clots), infection, or bleeding.

This new method of inducing therapeutic hypothermia has received Wall Street Journal’s Technology Innovation Award and the Frost & Sullivan Product Differentiation Innovation Award for Advancing the European Therapeutic Hypothermia Devices Market. As our hospital is the only in Southeast Texas to use this precise patient cooling device, our heart attack care center has been recognized. We assure the best cardiac care to Southeast Texas by offering the newest, most promising treatments available.