Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical Pharmacy Services

Our clinical pharmacy department offers a number of services and pharmacy-driven protocols including but not limited to:

  • IV to PO conversion
  • Stress ulcer prophylaxis discontinuation
  • Automatic renal adjustments
  • Vancomycin consults (AUC dosing and monitoring)
  • Aminoglycoside consults
  • Warfarin consults
  • Enoxaparin anti-Xa monitoring
  • Discharge medication counseling
  • TPN co-management with dieticians
  • Automatic therapeutic drug monitoring (anti-epileptics, digoxin, etc)
  • Protocols for other laboratory monitoring (blood cultures, procalcitonin, CMP, lipid panel, PT/INR)

Social Programming & Group Outings

Amid delivering excellent direct patient care, our clinical pharmacy department enjoys having fun and engaging in a sense of camaraderie!

  • Pharmacy Week 2021 – Our department celebrated pharmacy week with the theme “Pharmacy Through the Decades” from the 1970s-2010s!
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  • Residency Preceptor Retreat - Every year our preceptors go offsite for a relaxing, but productive preceptor retreat to bond and talk about changes to the residency program!
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  • Annual Pharmacy Department Christmas Party - Every year we celebrate with a potluck, white elephant gift exchange, ugly Christmas sweaters, and play lots of games! The hospital also hosts an annual provider Christmas party as well!
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