Narcolepsy Treatment

Narcolepsy Treatments

Helping Beaumont Residents Obtain Better Sleep Control

Narcolepsy is a condition where a person feels constantly tired and lacks control over when they fall asleep. Because the person never knows when they will be overpowered by an urge to sleep, narcolepsy can be both embarrassing and dangerous. At Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas, our Sleep Center offers treatment options to help patients take control back from narcolepsy.

Treatment Options

While there is no cure for narcolepsy, there are some steps you can take to manage the symptoms such as lifestyle changes and medication. Speak with our sleep specialists to learn which treatment options would best fit your needs.

Treatments for narcolepsy can include:

  • Lifestyle changes – By giving your body healthier routines, it’s possible to bring your body’s need to sleep closer to a normal rhythm. Within the last few hours before bedtime, you should abstain from alcohol, exercise, tobacco, bright screens and lights, and meals.
  • Regular bedtimes – Going to bed and arising at the same time each day can help your body have a better rest routine
  • Daytime sleepiness medications – Some stimulants can help your nervous system feel more awake
  • Medication for cataplexy – Cataplexy is what happens when strong emotions cause a person to collapse. There are medications that can help with this