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Update – Sunday, September 3, 2017

Partners In Caring,
Presently your director is compiling staffing grids and the availability of our staff members.  We are evaluating at what capacity the hospital can become operational this week.  Medical staff is being contacted, supplies ordered, cleaning and repairs are underway and water needs are being established.  Please wait for the most current updates from your director.


Your commitment and dedication has made an ever-lasting impression and impact on a community devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Thank you for getting us to this point, remember God has a plan for us – He is and will be faithful.  When thing are going well; the true test is when there is a “storm” in our lives, that is when we must stand tall and be a beacon for Him.  Stay calm and trust and abide in the Lord. Philippians 4:4-9. 


Looking forward to seeing each of you very soon.  Blessings for safety and well-being for you and your loved ones.



David Parmer


Partners In Caring,

As hurricane season approaches, please take adequate time to thoroughly review the Severe Weather Plan located on the hospital B-Line. During a hurricane, Baptist Beaumont Hospital is a critical part of the city's infrastructure.It is important for all employees to understand that the hospital has made preparations to remain operational during a category 1-3 hurricane. In the event that we have patients during an anticipated category 4-5 storm or government ordered evacuation, employees critical to providing care for these patients, along with facility staff, will be required to stay at the hospital until the severe weather event has subsided.
As part of the hurricane preparedness process, employees are assigned to either Team A, B, or C by their supervisor and it is essential that every employee understands the responsibilities of the team to which they are assigned.In the event of a government ordered evacuation due to a severe weather event, employees critical to serving the public (Team A) ill be required to stay at the hospital until the severe weather event has subsided and the mandatory evacu-ation of the city has been lifted.TeamBshouldbe prepared to return to work as soon as 24 hours after land fall with more specific instructions upon notification by supervisor or as instructed by the Baptist 411 Mobil App., the hospital website, Hurricane Pocket Guide or the Storm Hotline. Team C will be prepared to return to work in time to resume normal hospital operations. During a severe weather event, employees will record and be paid for actual time worked in accordance with regular hospital pay policies. The hospital will provide adequate accommodations, as needed, for employees when off duty.  
As we strive to keep everyone updated on the responsibilities of our care-givers, it is important that all employees understand how to communicate during severe weather. Each communication tool listed below will be updated during the duration of evacuation or severe weather.  
Employee Information Via Website
       Gives you access to employee information in the event of severe weather or evacuation.
                Log on to
                Scroll to the bottom of the page
                Click Emergency Info
                Updates will be posted throughout the duration of the evacuation or severe weather event
Southeast Texas Storm Disaster Preparedness Employee Pocket Guide
                The Pocket guide contains important information about what to expect during a storm disaster                         situation and your role in meeting the healthcare needs of our community.
                Click here to download the pocket guide (PDF).
Storm Phone Hotlines
               1-800-941-9691 Beaumont
               1-800-941-9692 Orange
Preparation is the key in securing the best possible care for our patients and our families. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your immediate supervisor. 
Reggie Wasson
Safety Officer
Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas