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  • Dubois Family

    Valentine's Day could have been a heart breaker for the Dubois family, when a severe stomach virus sent their four-year-old to the hospital. Baptist saved the holiday for us stated mom Wendi: "Bailey was able to make valentines in the Children's Unit and do all kinds of arts and crafts. He had so much fun!".

  • Fisher Family

    When the Fishers were watching their 10 year-old grandson play baseball and the unthinkable happened, in Mrs. Fisher's words: "My husband turned to me and said, "I am having a heart attack," and fell over. The Fishers headed to Baptist Beaumont Hospital where medical breakthroughs are saving lives. Using the Arctic Sun-a new, ...

  • Jeaneen and Quinton

    Four months into her pregnancy, high blood pressure problems resulted in the early delivery of Baby Quinton who weighed in at 2 pounds, 7 ounces. Baby Quinton spent almost three months in Baptist Beaumont Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Today, Quinton is a healthy 2 1/2 year old.

  • Norma

    As a Stroke Certified Hospital, Norma knew that Baptist Beaumont Hospital has a higher level of care for stroke patients. "It is critical to get treatment right away, and I did. I urge anyone who experiences any symptoms of stroke to get medical help immediately, and get it at Baptist Beaumont Hospital".

  • Lisa

    Lisa has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a degenerative disease that affects the central nervous system. Recently, the physical therapists at Baptist Beaumont introduced her to a new device, the WalkAide System, which helps restore muscle function. "This has meant the world to me," noted Lisa, "and I see the same excitement in my ...

  • Sue

    Sue had HDR (high Dose Rate Brachytherapy) treatments at Baptist Cancer Center. This innovative therapy enables us to provide the same amount of effective radiation during a much shorter duration of time. A treatment time of 6 to 8 weeks is decreased to one week and spares healthy tissue. HDR is a proven benefit for certain ...

  • Reese

    When Reese took a tumble and landed on his arm, it was time to head back to Baptist ER. With his favorite lizard in hand, x-rays were taken of Reese's arm and the lizard's leg. With mended bones all is well at home.

  • Back in the Swing of Things

    Sarcoidosis, a disease that inflames tissue of the body, often the lungs, robbed Shilo. “I am a musician,” explains Shilo, “and I no longer had the wind to sing or play my jazz clarinet. I had to retire as a supervisor for the U.S. Postal Service. I suffered from severe balance problems and eventually lost 80 pounds.” Baptist ...