X-Rays Services in Beaumont

Giving Patients Accurate Health Information

X-rays constitute the first and longest-lasting imaging technology. These high-frequency light waves help radiologists gain an accurate picture of the body by attempting to pass light particles through the body. As they pass through, things like tissue and bone will reflect some of them back into either a computer or a piece of film, after which the images will be examined by a doctor. X-rays can be used to detect bone breaks, pneumonia, and even some cancerous tumors. At Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas, we use the latest x-ray technology to help patients gain a better understanding of their health.

Taking an X-Ray

Most of the time, having an x-ray performed will be a simple procedure. Our Imaging Services department will fit you with a lead shield to protect other parts of your body from electromagnetic radiation and will help you get positioned correctly for the image you need taken. The x-rays will return white-colored images for bones and other dense tissue while other tissue like skin, muscle, fat, and fluids will remain black. Your radiologist may have you use a contrast in order to dye certain areas in your body to have them appear on the x-ray.

Potential Risks of Radiation Imaging

While it is true that excessive radiation will cause damage to a person’s body, your radiologist has been trained to use x-rays in such a way that any potential cell damage is minimized and can heal quickly. You will be positioned for your x-ray and hold still for about 1 second while the radiograph is taken. This tiny dose of radiation is no more powerful than the usual amount of time you might spend outdoors over a few days. Your body can usually heal from these levels of radiation without any problems.