Mammography in Beaumont

Providing Women with Outstanding Breast Health Care Options

Breast cancer is a disease that affects approximately one out of every eight women. To ensure optimal breast health, it is recommended that women undergo a mammogram on a regular basis. At the Dauphin Women’s Center at Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas, we offer imaging services that help women understand their breast health and make the right decisions moving forward.

What Is a Mammogram?

In order to detect any abnormalities in the breast, mammograms are used as breast-specific, low-radiation x-rays that help display both benign and malignant tumors indicative of breast cancer. During a mammogram, one breast at a time is pressed against an exposure slide to obtain an accurate image of the breast tissue. X-rays are then taken from numerous angles to gain the most helpful image possible. Images can be taken on film or through a digital medium.

Undergoing a Mammogram

It is important that women undergoing a mammogram do not wear deodorant or any other substances under their arms or near their breasts. As the images are x-rays, all metallic jewelry must be removed in order to ensure nothing interferes with the clarity of the exposure. Make sure to also let the radiologist know if you are either pregnant or breastfeeding.

Potential Risks

As the radiation levels for a mammogram are low, there is minimal risk during this procedure. Your radiologist will provide you with a lead shield for your abdomen to prevent any excess radiation exposure.

Dauphin Women’s Center

At Baptist Hospital in Beaumont, we are changing breast cancer treatment outcomes for the better. Our recently designed Women’s Center also offers 3D Mammography to provide even more accurate breast imaging. We take a patient-centered focus to our cancer care.

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