CT Scans

CT Scans in Beaumont

Providing Accurate Imaging Services at Baptist Hospital

Using a rotating x-ray machine, a computed tomography (CT) scan provides a detailed image of the inside of the body in under a minute. At Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas, we use a 128-slice CT scanner that completes its scan in roughly 20 seconds or less. There is no more convenient way to obtain a comprehensive view of what goes on inside your body.

Common Uses for a CT Scan

These imaging capabilities are most often used to examine the head and brain. This may be necessary if a tumor is suspected in the brain or elsewhere in the body.

Other reason for having a CT scan performed may be:

  • Inspection of the blood and vascular system
  • Blood clots or aneurysms
  • Abnormalities such as tumors or other masses

Undergoing a CT Scan

Unlike older models, modern scanners at our Beaumont hospital offer an open layout that helps patients feel more comfortable during the procedure. Like any x-ray, you will need to remain as motionless as possible while the image is being taken in order to avoid blurring. The x-ray will capture 128 separate images that will be combined to create accurate models of the organs. Ideally, the procedure will be over in just a few minutes.

Preparing for Your CT Scan

Depending on what your scan procedure is being used to detect, you may be asked to ingest a dye called contrast that will help the scanner focus and identify circulation routes in your body. If this is the case, you should not eat or drink anything 4-6 before your procedure. Contrast may also be administered in the rectum with an enema or intravenously (IV), in which case you may feel slight discomfort as it enters the bloodstream. This sensation quickly subsides.

You will be required to wear a hospital gown and to remove all metallic jewelry as these objects will interfere with the scan procedure. Please read the American College of Radiology’s patient notice by clicking here.