About PET/CT
 PET/CT scans merge metabolic detection with computerized imaging to precisely identify problem areas in the body. 
Why is it done?
A PET/CT imaging exam is used by physicians to make more accurate diagnoses, identify problems in their early stages and develop targets for treatment plans. PET/CT also can show how advanced a disease has become. PET, or positron emission tomography, provides the metabolic information. The computed tomography (CT) scan simultaneously takes multiple images to create a map of the body. This helps pinpoint the location of cancerous tumors or metabolic activity in the brain.
How is it done?
You will be injected with a radioactive glucose (sugar). After the injection the technologist will place you in a quiet area to rest for approximately 45 minutes to one hour. A technologist will then assist you into a scanner that resembles a CT scanner, where images will be taken. The technologist will be in constant communication with you during the exam.