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COVID-19 (update 03/13/2020)

Although there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our area, in reality we know it will likely happen. As a vital part of our community, Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas must be prepared to continue high-quality and safe services in any situation.

Our plan will include limiting access to the facility when there is a positive COVID-19 patient in our community. The CDC modifies guidance daily and we are prepared to adapt our process as needed. When we determine that access will be limited to our facility, we plan to screen anyone entering the building. Our preparedness efforts include:

Conserving PPE

  • No students should be entering rooms which requires anything other than gloves
  • Limiting personnel going into isolation rooms
  • Centralizing PPE stock and controlling dispensing
  • Restricting visitors for patients who are in isolation

Decreasing risk

  • Limiting traffic on our most vulnerable/high risk departments
    • NICU
    • L&D
    • ICU
    • ED
  • Volunteers and high school students will be restricted from the above areas
  • L&D & NICU have started screening visitor/patients
  • Visitors will be limited on the above areas


  • 3 additional negative pressure rooms are being added to ED
  • 5 North, if needed, will be our dedicated floor
  • L&D – Room #1 will have negative pressure
  • Developing a plan to implement limited access to the hospital (when appropriate)

To ensure that our services continue, directors are reviewing patient flow and procedures to allow procedures to continue. They are being vigilant in minimizing the risk of spreading any virus. Requiring visitors to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands when entering their department and creating social distance.

Local Health Department Contacts:

Beaumont - 409-832-4000

Port Arthur - 409-983-8874

Hardin County - 409-246-5188

Orange County - 409-883-6119