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Military WebCam Delivery

Extraordinary efforts at Baptist Beaumont Hospital have been implemented to allow military family members to participate in the birth of their children – many times from the front lines of Iraq.

LCpl. Rose coached his wife through the hours of labor and delivery right to his wife’s bedside and the couple marveled over the miracle of life at Baptist Beaumont Hospital through videoconferencing – allowing them to spend quality time together for the first day as a family. According to the new mom, Teri “I am so thankful that Baptist Beaumont Hospital stepped up to help us in our time of need; I thought I’d be having this baby alone. We never could have imagined that my husband could have been here for the birth when he is 9,000 miles away fighting in a war. This means the world to me and my family.” Baptist Beaumont is proud to help provide these new parents with an additional boost of emotional and mental support.