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Baptist Beaumont Hospital’s Pediatric Unit is pleased to its partnership with Hugworks, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children with special needs by delivering services and resources/products to help boost self-esteem and enhance healthy expression of feelings. Baptist Beaumont Hospital is delighted and proud to have the Hugworks group stop by at any given time while they are touring the nation.

Hugworks develops innovative ways to address the special needs of children through live Therapeutic Music Entertainment, Music Therapy and other projects/programs. Music is one of the most powerful artistic expressions humankind has created. Hugworks performs live Therapeutic Music Entertainment programs for hospitalized children and funds Music Therapy sessions for children with special needs, at no cost to the child's family. Through a unique collaborative process with early childhood and musical professionals, Hugworks has produced three award-winning children's audio CDs which are used in hospitals, medical camps and homes across the country. Hugworks is committed to the principle that all children deserve healthy ways to express themselves emotionally which will help them reach their full potential.