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Texas 10 Step Program

Baptist Beaumont Hospital has been designated as a 2014 Texas Ten Step Facility by the Department of State Health Services and the Texas Hospital Association. This annual designation is awarded to birthing facilities that provide optimal care to improve breastfeeding outcomes.

“We have worked very hard to earn the Texas Ten Step designation,” said David Parmer, CEO. “And we are proud to be a member of these select Texas facilities that promote the healthiest outcomes for our newest Texans.”

The Texas Medical Association officially endorsed the Texas Ten Step Program in 2009 to encourage hospitals to create an environment that supports the breastfeeding mother. Health professionals agree that breastfeeding is the first step toward a healthy life. Baptist Beaumont Hospital is providing an environment that creates positive outcomes for breastfeeding families.

Texas 10 Step Program at Baptist Hospitals of Southeast TexasBaptist Beaumont Hospital has implemented 10 goals or “steps,” to support mothers who intend to breastfeed their infants before, during, and after delivery. These practices will help the facility meet Texas Breastfeeding Initiative’s goal of having 75 percent of mothers exclusively breastfeeding when they go home with their newborn. This is an essential step toward longer durations of exclusive breastfeeding after discharge.

Among the goals that a facility must maintain to acquire the Texas Ten Step designation are training staff within the first six months of employment and offering annual updates. Staff provides the mother with resources to get continued care after discharge as well. The information provided allows staff to give mothers the care that they need in order to succeed in breastfeeding.