Patient & Visitor Information

Listed below is information that you and your family may find helpful during your stay. We request that as a patient you follow hospital rules and regulations and be considerate of the rights of others while in the hospital. Please help by controlling noise, observing our tobacco-free policy and limiting the number of your visitors. Please contact any of our employees or our Patient Advocate if there is anything that we can do for you during your stay.

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General Information

Consent Forms
You may be asked to sign consent forms for certain types of treatment, tests and/or procedures. Each treatment will be explained to you before you sign the consent forms. If you are unclear about the procedure, inform your nurse and your physician will be notified. Treatments, tests and procedures may be delayed until consent forms are signed.

Please give your nurse a list of any and all medications you are currently taking, including dosage and schedule, so that your physician may review these. During your hospitalization, your nurse will bring medications to you. All non-essential medications should be left at home to avoid interference with tests or care provided during your hospital stay.

Smoking Policy
Baptist Beaumont Hospital is a tobacco-free environment. Acknowledging the inconsistency between advising on the health hazards of tobacco use and allowing its use on hospital grounds, we have take a position by prohibiting tobacco use by anyone - employees, volunteers, medical staff, contract staff, vendors, patients and visitors - on our campuses, including the parking lots.

Floral Deliveries
Flowers are delivered directly to your room. Live flowers or plants are not permitted in the Intensive Care Units.