School of Radiologic Technology


The School of Radiologic Technology is designed to conform with requirements of the Hospital and the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology in order to create and provide one of the best possible radiologic technology educational programs in the area.

The desired qualities of proper attitudes, well developed skills, good judgment, and a stable sense of responsibility are essential for the Radiologic Technologist to develop and cope with the changes, both within our changing society and the rapidly progressing diagnostic imaging field.

Since these features can only be achieved through education, we believe it mandatory that the student technologist shall be subjected only to the most capable and experienced faculty available as well as to a controlled and professional teaching environment. This, therefore, would insure a process of learning derived by a combination of actual participation along with the proper guidance and supervision, which is constantly correlated with classroom theory.

Mission Statement: The provision of quality education within a Christian environment that prepares a graduate for a professional career as a Registered Radiographer.

It is believed that the curriculum is a reflection of the philosophy of this program, and that the outlined objectives shall be the means by which these aims shall be achieved. The end result will be a graduate Radiologic Technologist, competent to meet the challenges in the exciting and ever-advancing field of Radiology, and become a significant contribution to the Health Care Team.

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Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Science Degree
After completion of the academic and clinical requirements the graduate will be awarded an Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Science Degree

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