Board of Directors

Since 2009, the Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas Foundation volunteer Board of Directors has put the generosity of our donors to work in supporting Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas. Their philanthropic spirit has led to advances in healthcare technology, healthcare facility improvements and has helped establish various healthcare programs and services.

Volunteer Members
Aggie In
Aileen Larson
Bo Crawford
David Parmer, CEO, Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas
Gary Coker
Henry LaBrie
Jack Fitch
Jane Parker, Treasurer
Jon Reaud
Kim Moncla, Executive Director
Mary McKenna
Michele Harrington
Micki Carpenter
Mike Burney
René Latiolais, Secretary
Ronnie Ramirez
Roxanne Acosta-Hellberg
Sallye Keith
Stephanie Daleo
Susan Gordy
Thelma "Juliet" Smith
Wade Carpenter, Chairman