13 Ideas for 60 minute of family fun (and fitness!)

As few as 30 minutes – 60 minutes for your kids – is all it takes to meet recommended guidelines for daily activity. (Aim for more if you can!) Keep everyone active as you spend some quality time together as a family this summer.

Here are some tips:

1. Make the backyard your playground.

Throw a football back and forth, kick a soccer ball around or get running with a rousing game of tag.

2. Go fly a kite.

Find a treeless spot, hang onto the kite string and let your child run with it until the kite is airborne.

3. Ride bikes.

Cruise around the neighbourhood together as a family.

4. Gear up.

Keep inexpensive equipment such as balls, jump ropes and hula hoops on hand for active fun.

5. Get the dirt out.

Car not looking so spotless? Instead of taking it to the car wash, clean it together as a family. Or host a dog wash for your street.

6. Pull weeds.

Gardening is great exercise for the whole family. Bonus: Your yard looks great!

7. Head to the pool.

Do laps at the YMCA or a community pool to keep cool and fit.

8. Scale the walls.

A rock-climbing gym can provide a full-body workout the whole family will enjoy.

9. Have a ball.

Organize community kickball, soccer, basketball, volleyball or softball games.

10. Get your groove on.

Put on some music and have a dance party. Or clean the house as a family, with tunes in the background to keep everyone moving.

11. Create a tournament.

Set up a relay race, obstacle course, beanbag toss, etc. Don’t forget prizes!

12. Hit a bull’s-eye.

Fill up water balloons and draw a chalk target ring on the driveway. (Fill a few extra for a game of water balloon dodgeball afterward.)

13. Be cool.

Let’s face it: sometimes it’s just too hot out there. Head to the mall and walk in air-conditioned comfort.


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